Why NRM ?

Skilled Team

Our talented, in house design team is fully trained in what we like to call ‘Design Empathy’, meaning that we are capable of extracting your needs and turning them into a functional reality. Our well qualified team members will use innovation and cutting-edge knowledge of space planning, aesthetics and efficiency management to guide you in the best way. Further, we have recruited the best site labourers, foreman and engineers within the various disciplines of interior construction to ensure a quality conscious finish with NO cut corners.

International Eye

We feel that as an ‘internationalised’ company, staffed by a diverse team from around the globe (from as far off as UK, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia and Japan), we can play a part in bringing a world-class approach to our industry. Our attention to detail, along with a proactive and efficient approach to our work, mean that we have raised the bar of service delivery, to match the expectations that only we understand.

Best Materials

We pride ourselves on working with only the best quality products and materials. Our procurement team does not deviate from an empanelled list of branded products that we are confident are reliable and offer value for money. This does not mean that we only work with ‘expensive’ products; we are able to suggest products and materials that will work for most budgets, but it does mean that we only entertain working with materials that match our approach to ‘quality consciousness.’ Through our list of preferred brands, we are determined to give you the best quality interior for the budget that you have allocated us.

Time Management

For most clients, time taken to complete construction is of paramount importance. Even the slightest delay can have significant financial repercussions. This is why we treat the time-span of the project as our primary consideration. To date, we have never disappointed a client with a delay in handover. We under-promise and over-deliver.

You can be as ‘hands off’ or as ‘hands on’ as you like.

Some clients with a clear vision like to play a central part in design and detailing, others prefer to leave it to us. We are happy to work either way. You know your business better than we do, so any input from our clients is always welcome, to ensure that we deliver you the perfect space. Alternatively, we recognise that our clients are paying us for our knowledge and expertise, and whenever a client would prefer to leave the details to us, we’re know the right questions to ask and are happy to deliver accordingly.